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Personally authored and curated articles about peaceful living, workplace effectiveness, and related topics.

The Science of Peace

“I believe that the more time we spend choosing to run the deep inner peace circuitry of our right hemispheres the more peace we will project into the world, and the more peaceful our planet will be.”

– Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

8 Steps to Mindful Being

Thinking in absolutes and holding to convictions without ever considering the viewpoints and perspectives of others is counterproductive to peace. While this may be convenient because it allows you to act with the confidence of absolute conviction, it blocks other realities in the world and can easily lead to conflict and divisiveness. It is hard work to remain open-minded but far more rewarding because it transforms you and promotes a lightness of being.

Take a Mindful Moment: 5 Simple Practices for Daily Life

How often have you rushed out the door and into your day without even thinking about how you’d like things to go? Before you know it, something or someone has rubbed you the wrong way, and you’ve reacted automatically with frustration, impatience, or rage—in other words, you’ve found yourself acting in a way you never intended.

7 Inspiring Traits of Compassionate Leadership

The driving forces of exceptional leadership are desire, self-awareness and, most important, compassion. Effective leadership cannot prevail under negative circumstances such as putdowns, dishonesty, demands, frustration, denigration, manipulation, fear or micromanagement.

The Scent of Peace

Does “peace” have a scent? Scientists researching the effect of scents on the the brain would say “yes”. Interior Designers are beginning to apply this research in their design projects. Some researchers have found that scents stimulate certain parts of our brain influencing physical, emotional, and mental health.

Another Type of Morning

We all do it! We wake up in the morning thinking about what we need to accomplish in the hours ahead of us. Or we mull over the details of what happened to us the day before – good and bad. It’s the kids, or an ailing parent, or bills that need to get paid. It’s an inconsiderate manager or coworker, or a nagging headache.

7 Ingredients to Simple Design

I’ve found that some of the best and most beautiful designs are simple and understated. This approach to design can be easy on the budget, your time and your well-being, Try these 7 Steps to design for simplicity and serenity.

Picturing Peace

I describe myself as spiritual and not religious. I practice yoga and meditation because it seems to settle and center me. I also tend to eat and sleep better. I like being at peace and relish my quiet times. I am in a job that can become extremely noisy during the...

Daily Dose of Peace

Get out of bed about 10 minutes early. Don't turn on the TV or the radio. Don't check emails or voicemails. Go to that quiet space in your home download some relaxing music from and do a couple of simple stretches or yoga poses. Give yourself 10 minutes of peace this...