Advise and Design

Serenity Design Consulting is a holistic approach to well-being at home and at work. My approach involves incorporating my experience in interior design and environmental services with my knowledge of and certifications in healthy buildings.

Lifestyle and Workstyle

Honoring the wholistic connection between leadership, environment and well-being . . . “I continue to experience the significance of this connection in my own journey and have spent years researching the subtle connections between leadership, the individual contributor and the physical workspace.” – Diane Pruitt, Founder

My Story

I am Diane Pruitt, President and CEO of a peaceful space inc, I have always been connected to a space in my being that seeks serenity. My home reflects that and some say, my demeanor does. Much of my work is evidence-based and involves consulting and design. I am constantly looking at how to create interior environments that support our health and well-being.


WELL  Accredited Professional

Fitwel Certified Ambassador


B.A. Case Western Reserve University
M.A. University of Dayton
Institute of Interior Design Diploma





Why This Focus

As we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, disease transmission has become a unque and imposing consideration on an all interior spaces. Creating interior environments that support health and well-being have become a goal for many of us.