Advise and Design

Lifestyle and workstyle consulting is a holistic approach to personal and business development, leadership, and interior environmental design. Our work is evidence-based and our services include consulting, training, coaching and contemplative practice.

Lifestyle and Workstyle

Honoring the holistic connection between compassion, environment and well-being . . . “I continue to experience the significance of this connection in my own journey and have spent years researching the subtle connections between “mind-life clutter” behavior, contemplative practice and the interior environment. I call my methodology, serenity design.” – Diane Pruitt, Founder

My Story

My name is Diane Pruitt and I am President and CEO of a peaceful space inc, I have always been connected to a space in my being that seeks serenity. My home reflects that and some say, my demeanor does. Much of my work is evidence-based and involves consulting and design. My focus is business development, leadership, lifestyle and interior design.

My approach is holistic, combining my work experiences in marketing, management, business development  and interior design with my contemplative study and practice.


B.A. Case Western Reserve University
M.A. University of Dayton
Institute of Interior Design Diploma

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At Work

My workstyle consulting service involves infusing creativity, collaboration and compassion into a working model that prepares leaders for the extreme challenges of chaotic forces impacting businesses. It brings a holistic focus to individual development that can have a transformative impact on individuals and on the organization.