According to the World Green Building Council, “cities account for 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions, consume 60% of resources and generate 50% of waste. An urgent response to climate change and it’s impact on humanity requires efforts by stakeholders across borders and sectors to accelerate a human- and eco-centric response to environmental solutions.”

Services include:

    • proven methodologies
    • LEED, WELL project support
    • stakeholder sessions
    • program development support
    • custom toolkits
    • marketing support
    • project management


The need to affect environmental equity and sustainability within our communities is vital. It requires viewing community resilience from a wholistic perspective, reshaping ideas around increasing access to resources and supporting inclusion. My particular focus is underserved neighborhoods that bear the brunt of the negative impact of climate disasters. Historically, affluent communities with access to technology and resources can adapt and recover faster following climate emergencies than economically disadvantaged ones.

Neighborhoods with limited access to resources need resilience planning and support the most. At a “peaceful space inc”, we focus on helping local governments and community organizations develop plans and tools to equalize the gap and support the whole community,


 “a peaceful space inc”  services and methodologies focus on human- and eco-centric solutions for sustainable cities and communities. Our work is grounded in research, proven successes, knowledge and experience and can be of value to schools, non-profits, homes and neighborhoods.

Our services include the benchmarking of performance against national and global standards

    • a commitment to net-zero energy, water and waste as well as carbon neutrality
    • outcomes-oriented policies and strategies centered on sustainability, resilience and social equity
    • data-driven decision making, transparency and leadership
    • improving the standard of living and quality of life in cities and communities

LEED for Cities and Communities

This rating system aims to address the overall sustainability of a city or community. The certification process for LEED for Cities and Communities is applied at a city or community level. It evaluates a broader set of criteria and metrics related to sustainable performance, including governance, policy frameworks, resource management, quality of life, social equity, resilience, and community engagement.

Certification services include:

  • processes and steps towards achieving certification
  • key concepts, datasources, calculations, and narratives
  • using Arc for continuous performance measurement and global benchmarking

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