a peaceful space is in us. it surrounds us. it nurtures us.

Our Company

We are a serenity design consultancy focused on creating stress-free, healthy spaces in the home and the office. We promote the integrative connection between compassionate leadership, workplace design and employee wellbeing.

Interior Spaces

As a  WELL Accredited Professional and a Fitwel Certified Ambassador, my design strategies are based on medical science, architecture as well as interior design. Workplace strategies include design consulting and training.

Design and Well-being

“a peaceful space” supports calm, comfort and well-being. It’s designed to remind you to stop and breathe. To reduce your stress and anxiety. To increase your awareness. To heighten your creativity and productivity. Because willpower alone is not enough.


Creating an integrative and holistic approach to well-being in the workplace, at home, in life.

Let’s Talk

We believe well-being starts with leadership, personal and professional; that our environment supports and nurtures our creativity, our productivity and our peace. To schedule an introduction session click the “Contact” pop-up tab.

Talk soon!

WELL Accredited Professional Fitwel Certified Ambassador


We have years of experience in business development helping leaders define their business strategy and align it with their people strategy.
Our focus is twofold: (1) to help teams and individuals gain self awareness to be more effective and (2) help leaders create or promote the environment for creativity, productivity and well-being.