Healthy buildings consulting and program support services. Experience in healthy building certifications, project management and interdepartmental advisory support.


The Service

A consultative service offering an integrative approach to interior environmental quality for healthy workspaces. We focus on the holistic connection between the occupant experience and building performance.

The Focus

As a  WELL Accredited Professional, Fitwel Certified Ambassador and member of Living Future, I advise on healthy building certifications strategies, project administration and management.

Design and Wellbeing

Our service involves identifying overarching business goals and priorities, benchmarking, and assisting in developing sustainable policies and guidelines that serve as the basis for healthy design.

The employee experience is evolving as the new driving force for building performance. And it is disruptive.

“People-first”, “human-centered”, “employee well-being” are evolving as key elements and decision points in strategies around smart buildings or buildings of the future.  And for companies whose position is, we can’t get behind what we can’t quantify, this new “disruptive” element is emerging as a very real force to reckon with.

The challenge is crafting a compelling business case around:

    • energy savings
    • operating efficiencies
    • interdepartmental policies
    • envrionmental responsibilities
    • the employee experience

The employee experience is evolving as the driving force for building morphology and performance. And it is disruptive. Recent data shows that “44% of people currently working from home want to continue working remotely because it suits them; 39% would prefer to return to the office; and 17% want to keep working remotely because of coronavirus”.


Let’s Talk

Creating healthy buildings starts with understanding the relationship between the built environment and its impact on well-being, productivity, occupant satisfaction and employee retention. To schedule an initial consultation click the “Contact” pop-up tab.

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WELL Accredited Professional | Fitwel Certified Ambassador | Living Future Member


We have years of experience in business development, strategic planning, client and program management.
Our focus is twofold: (1) human-centric approach to building design (2) transformative workplace and homespace for well-being