A design methodology for managing stress and well-being.

Destress. Decompress. Take a deep breath and calm down. There is something restorative about leaving the demands of our busy lives “out there” and entering a space that is designed for serenity and well-being. a peaceful space, is that place. It is affective design, influencing your emotions, your behavior, your productivity and your well-being. It can be transformative.

Lifestyle Design

Our lifestyle design program begins with an assessment. Lifestyle design reinforces contemplative practice and deeper levels of awareness, and resilience. Initially it helps identify aspects of your behavior that are counter-productive to peaceful living. Lifestyle design may involve contemplative practice, mindfulness and modifications to your interior environment.

Workstyle Design

Our focus on leadership involves an integrative approach that merges several disciplines to build thriving workplace communities and help leaders not only drive growth but motivate it. We help businesses tackle workplace stress, optimize leadership talent and implement business development strategies through creative design and innovative solutions. Our services include training, coaching, design and business development.

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