Affective Design

There is something restorative about leaving the demands of our busy lives “out there” and entering a space that is designed with serenity and well-being in mind. It has a positive affective quality and when applied to how we live and work, it can be transformative.


By creating peaceful spaces, the entire experience of the space can enhance and enrich us, shifting our energy and our focus to deeper levels of awareness, responsiveness and resilience. This shift can be a simple one, requiring modifications to interior spaces and subtle changes in behavior. The experiences can open us to positive traits such as compassion and empathy. In the workplace, that translates to more effective communication, collaboration and productivity. It can be transformative.


The complexities facing corporate survival and growth are requiring new ways of leading.  Disruption or entropy is driving companies to re-evaluate every function, every operation, every channel and all new ways of growth. At the helm are the leaders of teams, managers – mid, senior and executive. Some leaders have the vision, people skills and wisdom to manage effectively
under the strains of entropy. But too many lead from extremes when most situations require a “middle way”. Our leadership design programs incorporate a range of theories, studies and practices that support “integrative” leadership.

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