The "Well" Workplace

“a peaceful space” promotes creativity, productivity, resilience and well-being through human-centered workplace strategies and design. 

Leadership + Well-Being + Well Design = Well Workplace

Workplace Strategy, Design and Management Consulting

Integrative Leadership

Taking a wholistic view of employee development, our work involves empathetic leadership, human-centered workplace strategies and well design. Our services include assessments, workshops, coaching and well-design.

The Well Workspace

We facilitate discussion and collaboration with teams to develop  workspace designs that foster  communication, collaboration, creativity and well-being. The results are  enhanced productivity, resilience, well-being and business growth. 

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12 Daily Habits of Great Leaders

One of the most popular Dilbert comic strips in the cartoon’s history begins with Dilbert’s boss relaying senior leadership’s explanation for the company’s low profits. In response to his boss, Dilbert asks incredulously, “So they’re saying that profits went up...

Well Spaces for Well Being

New concepts in interior spaces are emerging as rapidly as the technology we use to work within them. We continue to research and understand the impact of or interiors on our health and well-being. We spend roughly 90% of our time indoors, disconnected often from what...

Session 1: Intro to Mindful Mondays

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of what we are doing, thinking and feeling and not become overly reactive or overwhelmed by what is going on around us.  - Several months ago, I assumed responsibility for...

7 Inspiring Traits of Compassionate Leadership

The driving forces of exceptional leadership are desire, self-awareness and, most important, compassion. Effective leadership cannot prevail under negative circumstances such as putdowns, dishonesty, demands, frustration, denigration, manipulation, fear or micromanagement.

8 Steps to Mindful Being

Thinking in absolutes and holding to convictions without ever considering the viewpoints and perspectives of others is counterproductive to peace. While this may be convenient because it allows you to act with the confidence of absolute conviction, it blocks other realities in the world and can easily lead to conflict and divisiveness. It is hard work to remain open-minded but far more rewarding because it transforms you and promotes a lightness of being.

Take a Mindful Moment: 5 Simple Practices for Daily Life

How often have you rushed out the door and into your day without even thinking about how you’d like things to go? Before you know it, something or someone has rubbed you the wrong way, and you’ve reacted automatically with frustration, impatience, or rage—in other words, you’ve found yourself acting in a way you never intended.

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