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A different kind of leadership is emerging to address the forces affecting businesses. This type of leadership is visionary, decisive, effective and human-centered.

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According to Kay Sargent, Senior Principal Director of WorkPlace, HOK, “Sitting stagnantly at a desk staring at a computer all day is killing us faster than anything else and many office workers are not living healthy lives.” There are employee wellness programs and practices that encourage movement, better diets, ergonomic seating and standing options, etc. These are all good starts but the real value to the company will come when the workplace and the workspace are flexible, organic and integrative. The workplace, then, becomes a proving ground for the interplay and integration of emerging technologies, the explosion of information, flexible and adaptable workspaces and the growing need for personal health and well-being, 

Today’s businesses, always driving towards success, are evolving through disruption, human-centric design and experiences and technical and financial innovation.

Workplace design with a human-centered leadership focus can make the difference. The approach is integrative, viewing the workplace from a wholistic perspective – organic, living and changing. Integrative leadership helps organizations lead towards collaboration, engagement, productivity and growth.

Integrative Leaders don’t just drive growth, they motivate it.

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Integrative Leaders motivate growth and development. They understand entropy and it’s affect on the organization and lead confidently, respectfully and authentically.

Our consultants and workshops focus in four key areas:


Identifying performance requirements, organizational goals and “well” metrics.



Identifying the leadership and design effects on inner work life.



Identifying traits of effective leadership.



Designing the interior environment to promote well-being.

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