Life and Leadership

Often our success depends on the degree of balance we bring to our personal and professional lives. “a peaceful space” advances the holistic connection between inner work, communication, collaboration and design.

“a peaceful space” offers an integrative approach to personal and professional development by advancing a “middle way” of being and leading that promotes compassion, fosters harmony and motivates growth. 

Inner Work Life

Our Lifestyle Design program involves some contemplative inner work for deeper levels of awareness and resilience. Through lifestyle design we  focus on fine-tuning and aligning thoughts and behavior towards purpose and well-being. Services include an inner work assessment, contemplative practice, coaching and  interior design.


Our integrative approach to leadership combines evidence-based inner work with leadership training and coaching. Our Workstyle Program includes components of the Lifestyle Program to accelerate change through well-being. The goals are to improve communication and collaboration, creativity and engagement. Program services include an assessment, consulting, coaching, and design.

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