stress-free living

Lifestyle design services for peace and well-being.

Declutter Your Mind

Declutter your mind:  A peaceful mind is a decluttered one. It creates space, changing impulsive reactions to thoughtful ones. Lifestyle services focused on reducing stress, can open you to behaviors that enhance well-being, putting the brakes on overactivity and mind clutter. We offer services to enhance stress-free living.


Create a Peaceful Space

Create a stress-free environment: There is something restorative about leaving the demands of our busy lives “out there” and entering a space that is solely dedicated to healing, mindfulness and calm. Create a space around your practice that triggers a calming response and promotes an environment for stress-free living.

Enhance Your Workstyle

Act from your center of peace: Develop greater awareness as you move through your day, how you are affected and how you respond to your experiences. We help you look at your thoughts and behaviors differently. Our services promote increased awareness, heightened creativity, productivity, and wellness.




We can make subtle changes in our being that brings us peace.

By creating peaceful spaces, the entire experience of the space can enhance and enrich us, improving positivity, promoting healing and shifting our energy and our focus to deeper levels of awareness, mindfulness and enlightenment.

This shift can be a simple one, requiring moderate changes in your living and working space. And it is one solution to improving regular practice in mindfulness and other contemplative work.

You can get started by taking the assessment to understand if your environment is supporting your spiritual growth and development.

Is there a space in your home that nurtures you?

From stress to serenity. From serenity to happiness.