Climate Change and Nature Based Solutions

Daily I read articles from LinkedIn posts that provide invaluable information. I learned quickly how important it is for me to be able to capture some of this information in a way that allows me to “go back” and reference information. That is the purpose of this particular blog. It’s all about saving information that I can reference at my leisure.


Source:  Nature Based Climate Solutions

“Stabilizing climate cannot be achieved solely through the reduction in fossil fuel consumption. Solving the climate crisis—and a host of interrelated “polycrisis” indicators such as biodiversity collapse, food systems disruption, forced migration, and economic inequities—depends on regenerating the more than 40% of the terrestrial living world that has been destroyed or degraded through human activities. Successful climate action depends on a new paradigm of understanding both the causes of climate change and the broader scope of the solutions we must implement. This approach—regenerative nature-based climate solutions—can turn the polycrisis into a poly-solution.”

Source: FEMA Nature Based Solutions

“Natural hazards pose a serious risk to states, localities, tribes and territories throughout the United States. These hazards include flooding, drought, hurricanes, landslides, wildfires and more. Because of climate change, many natural hazards are expected to become more frequent and more severe. Reducing the impacts these hazards have on lives, properties and the economy is a top priority for many communities.

Nature-based solutions . . . enlist natural features and processes in efforts to combat climate change, reduce flood risks, improve water quality, protect coastal property, restore and protect wetlands, stabilize shorelines, reduce urban heat, add recreational space, and more.”