From stress to serenity. From serenity to happiness.

Project Overview

The Consultation: I was contacted by the owner of M2 Well Being, Susan West, to offer some ideas on designing the interior space of an RV she recently purchased to convert to a mobile mindfulness studio.  When Susan showed me other conversions she had in mind for the truck, I suggested she abandon that approach and look at creating an immersive experience, a real studio on wheels! So I began by measuring the interior before it was cleared out. See before pictures below.

Concept Overview

The Design: I then developed a floor plan that would help us envision the space as a studio, including type of seating, wall enhancements, window treatments, and flooring. I designed the concept in 2 and 3 dimensional formats. I also recommended meditation chairs, a calm color palette, and retaining the windows for daylighting. We discussed sound and the barriers to that, as well as adding organic decor like plants, mirrors or other wall hangings.

See design concept below: (You can rotate the 3d design once it has completely loaded). You can also view this better by clicking here.

Project Outcome

The Final Project: A real studio on wheels!!

By creating peaceful spaces, the entire experience of the space can enhance and enrich us, improving positivity, promoting healing and shifting our energy and our focus to deeper levels of awareness, mindfulness and enlightenment.

This shift can be a simple one, requiring moderate changes in your living and working space. And it is one solution to improving regular practice in mindfulness and other contemplative work.

You can get started by taking the assessment to understand if your environment is supporting your spiritual growth and development.

Is there a space in your home that nurtures you?