There will be noise. There will be chaos. The senses will be soothed, stimulated, assaulted and nurtured. A different, and emerging peaceful you, will respond objectively in each situation limiting the length of time it takes to recuperate from a negative experience, or detach from an unhealthy or toxic situation.  You will meet each intrusion with indifference, each annoyance with detachment.

Like most things in life, creating a peaceful space is a journey. It is a path that leads from the outside in – from an exterior space of peace to an inner peace.  I know because I have been on the path for the past 12 years.

Some ways to begin include “downsizing your stuff”, eliminating debt, ridding your interior environment of clutter, objects and people that “weigh you down”. It means managing your emotions, your thoughts and your mindfulness in order to eliminate the toxic effect of people and circumstances in your life.

It is not to be taken lightly, for it can transform you in ways not imagined.  It has theraputic value, an element of happiness and occasional bliss. Within it, you may find compassion and tolerance, some balance and occasional harmony with all that resonates around you.

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