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Assessing Your Needs

Tell us how you want to feel in your space. What makes you happy, productive and stress-less? What are the spatial obstacles to achieving a peaceful space?

Design Elements of Peace

You’ll receive tips on spatial clearing, the use of color, lighting, furnishings and decorative items to create visually calming triggers that quiet the mind and focus the breath.

How to Sustain and Maintain

To to stay on the path to regular mindfulness practice and offer resources that bridge the gap between obstacles to your practice and your goals.

How to Get Started

We can reform and refresh our living spaces to nurture harmony and balance within us. With a few modifications to the character of a space, we can create a place of centering that allows us to refresh, reset and renew.

You can get started by purchasing your “mindful” design kit and receiving your design assessment, tools, tips and resources to help you.

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a peaceful space is in us, it surrounds us and it nurtures us