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WELL and LEEd Certification

The companies operate in multiple states in the US with a diverse client base across multiple sectors. As part of their commitment to employee well-being and safety, the companies pursued Well Health and Safety certification which is a globally recognized standard for workplace health and safety.

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Client Businesses Impacted

Occupants Impacted

The company successfully obtained the Well Health and Safety certification, demonstrating its commitment to employee well-being and safety.

Phase 1: Prepared for Certification

    • We formed a dedicated team with access to Human Resources, Operations, Facilities, and Health and Safety.
    • The team conducted a comprehensive review of the existing health and safety policies, procedures, and practices.
    • Identified gaps and areas for improvement based on the Well Health and Safety certification requirements.
    • Developed a detailed implementation plan with specific milestones, responsibilities, and timelines.

Phase 2: Certification Process

    • Held bi-weekly status meetings with the certification to review progress.
    • Developed internal policies concerning water management and Legionella, business contingency plans and employee benefits.
    • Worked with 3rd party testing company to provide appropriate air quality measures.
    • As project administrator, uploaded all required documentation to the WELL portal.
    • Communicated with the IWBI on clarification of standards.
    • Advised on what requirements might be best pursued.

Phase 3: Re-Certification

    • Updated required documentation and testing results
    • Submitted recertification data

The Company’s Goals


Ensure occupant health and well-being


Promote client satisfaction and employee satisfaction


Enhance reputation as an employee-centric organization

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