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The Well Workplace

Developing teams and the workplace for 

creativity, productivity and well-being.


Corporate leaders often proclaim their employees are their most valuable asset and yet, many employees find this to be quite the contrary. One cause of this is a  disconnect between leadership and employee well-being (from their inner work life to their goals and what drives them). Our workshops focus on four key components crucial to how we each experience the workday and what all of us can do to lead effective communication, collaboration, well-being and growth.

Source: “Inner Work Life”

Defining the Well Workplace

Identifying performance requirements, organizational goals and “well” metrics.

Examining the Inner work life

Identifying the leadership and design effects on inner work life.

Principles of Integrative Leadership

Identifying traits of effective leadership.

creating the well environment

Designing the interior environment to promote well-being.

Getting Started

Our  Process


We meet with teams and managers to identify processes, communication flows, levels of collaboration, blockages, work-styles and pathways to  workplace harmony.

Development Plan

Based on our assessments, we work with that same team and management to create a plan for inner work training and coaching as well as interior design.

ExeCution and FollowUp

We will follow up and track the integration of program solutions to assess the effectiveness of each solution. This will also help determine if additional programs are required.

From Our Founder

How to Get Started

Leading from a wholistic approach is one way to positively impact collaboration, creativity and productivity in the  workplace. At “a peaceful space“, we focus on creating compassion-based environments where people thrive. In the well workplace, managers don’t just drive growth, they motivate it.

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