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A different kind of leadership is emerging to address the forces affecting businesses. This type of leadership is visionary, decisive, effective and human-centric.
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You’re working hard and are not being recognized for your efforts. And no matter how much effort you put forth, your manager doesn’t recognize it. You notice, as a result, you become less motivated and your efforts begin to suffer.

Or you have an employee who is not performing consistent with their potential. And no matter what you do to encourage and support them, the person is just not there. 

Integrative Leadership offers solutions that can be easily implemented and incorporated into your daily routine to affect the changes you want and need at work. Because you don’t have to be a manager to be a leader. You learn to drive your own growth and development. 

As a manager, Integrative Leadership, tunes you into an employee’s inner work life and helps you lead them to be motivated, engaged, creative and productive. 

Integrative Leaders don’t just drive growth, they motivate it.

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Integrative Leaders motivate growth and development. They understand entropy and it’s affect on the organization and lead confidently, respectfully and authentically. Our consultants identify the challenges and behaviors facing organizations, employees and managers who lead from “extremes” and help them identify a middle way to improved productivity and workplace well-being.

Small Business

We help small business owners identify their best journey to successful growth and development. It may begin with finding an authentic responsiveness to people’s needs, identifying new ways to brand yourself, a new website or an office repurposing.

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Great leadership is a precious commodity; one that can have tremendous impact on the growth and success of an organization. Our programs are designed to tap into the potential and power of quality leadership.

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