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Is your Space making you Sick?

Creating spaces for wellbeing begins with understanding the connection between the built environment and its impact on health, productivity, occupant satisfaction and employee retention. We focus on that connection. To schedule an initial consultation click here.

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Peaceful spaces minimize distractions and create calm reminding us to take time to breathe.

A design consultancy for home and office that supports health, well-being and the environment.


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Home Office

Make it conducive to productivity and calm.

“Short moments, many times.” — Old Tibetan Wisdom With a few modifications to the character of a space, we can create a place of centering that beckons us to take refuge in the quiet recesses of our mind. When we enter a peaceful space, we are reminded to center ourselves and become increasingly mindful of our thoughts, our actions and our being.
Diane Pruitt

We have a room for everything – eating, sleeping, watching TV – but we have no room for mindfulness. I recommend we set up a small room in our homes . . . where we can be alone and practice just breathing. That little room should be regarded as an Embassy of the Kingdom of Peace.
Thich Nhat Hanh

from "Peace is Every Step"

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