“a peaceful space inc” is a lifestyle design firm. I created a peaceful space in December of 2002 while developing a plan for “packaging peace”. I wanted to blend lifestyle behavior with interior styling in a way that would nurture and enhance inner peace and happiness. I experienced the significance of this connection during my own journey toward healthy, happy, prosperous living and I have spent years researching the connection between home and “self”. My friends and family members have also benefitted in some way with this approach.

We focus on the “space” because it can serve as an anchor and a controlled environment for contemplative practice and personal transformation.

We also offer lifestyle and behavioral assessments that help reduce stress, improve creativity and enhance contemplative studies and practices. Our Simple Life Design™ is our revolutionary lifestyle metric that measures an individual’s ability to calmly “roll with the punches”, minimizing stress and improving adaptability and objectivity. It can include a 6-month membership, a lifestyle assessment and profile, and specific steps for creating a space that nurtures the values of simplicity, serenity and prosperity.

The concept of the nurturary™ was created in December of 2002 while I was developing my plan for “packaging peace” – blending lifestyle assessments with design and decorative arts to create personal well-being and happiness.


Interior Styling, Simple Life Design

Diane Pruitt is President and Founder of a peaceful space, a practicing yogi, and serenity architect.

Diane has a Master’s degree in Public Administration and an undergraduate degree in Urban and Environmental Studies. She spent 15 years working in “Corporate America” in business development and marketing before launching a peaceful space. The lifestyle division includes our lifestyle design, interior styling and entrepreneurial training.

“My personal style is eclectic, simple and minimal. I think a nurturing environment creates a safe haven for personal transformation. When we live in a clean, uncluttered, well-designed space, we are most able to relax, refresh and renew in that space.”