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Our Company

We are a serenity design consultancy focused on helping our clients create interior spaces conducive to contemplative practice. It allows us to center ourselves from the “outside in”. This space, which I call a nurturary™ closes the gap between needing to practice, “making the time” to practice and actually becoming the “practice”.

Why Serenity Design

To calm you. To quiet you. To remind you to stop and breathe. To reinforce your contemplative practice. To reduce your stress and anxiety. To increase your awareness. To heighten your creativity and productivity. Because you need to build an “external defense system” around your contemplative practice.

It's Evidence Based

“The environment is more powerful than your internal resolve.”* Consciously designing an environment that facilitates your commitment to peace helps you to actually do it, regularly. We can create areas in our homes and offices that satisfy the psychological need to reduce and relieve stress and reinforce our practice.**

5 Steps to Creating Your Peaceful Space

You’ll receive:

The SCURT Design method – a unique evidence-based design tool that that takes you through the process and steps to creating your serenity design at home and the office. ”

A $49 value.

a peaceful space is in us, it surrounds us and it nurtures us

Sources: *Benjamin P. Hardy, Psychologist and **”Researching Home: Evidence-Based Residential Design” by Sally Augustin, Ph.D and Barbara B. Miller, ASID