creating environments for peace and well-being . . .

the design

I offer consulting services to individuals and businesses interested in improving performance, productivity and well-being by “reforming” their interior environment.

the nurturary

My primary design approach is “the nurturary”. It serves as a peaceful refuge fostering self-therapy through contemplation and relaxation. In short, it nurtures the spirit and soothes the soul.

the serenity architect

Because I don’t separate workstyle from lifestyle, my interior and lifestyle services focus on the synergy between environment and well-being.

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My Gift to You!

Get a free copy of my ebook, “My Yummy Home.”  It’s a primer of tips and musings on designing your space for well-being. Click here if you have an iPad or iPhone


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Having a sense of home, its comfort and its visual appeal are all very important in nurturing your spirit. Enjoying home is much like describing a great meal. When it looks great and tastes even better, it can create a marvelous sensual experience that is both pleasing and comforting. When it is less than that, we really can’t savor itt. Good design like good food is an exploration in tastes, preferences and comfort. A delightfully designed home can be a refuge for relaxation, renewal, reflection and contemplation. It can represent your unique tastes, style and way of being. Diane Pruitt

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