"a peaceful space" is a respite, a lifestyle, a practice and a way of being


A creative consultancy with a focus on lifestyle and design services and products that support thoughtful and compassionate solutions to working, living and well-being.


I often combine creativity and imagination with design simplicity, authentic expression and inspiration. My typical client looks for that in their life and their business.


My services include imagineering, inspiration and design in business and in life. With “a peaceful space” you’ll also find the resources and products that enhance these services.


Diane, thank you for being willing to provide your expertise and wisdom to help me create a more nurturing workspace. The ideas are so simple, yet have a very deep resonance. (The 3-D design) is amazing! It adds a whole other dimension to your work, Diane! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Breon Michael

MBSR, BreonMichel.com

Diane was thoughtful and thorough through each phase of the design, maintaining accurate expense account records and working within our budget.  She has a wonderful demeanor and her creativity is fresh. The room she designed for us was converted from drab and bland to warm, cozy and serene.

Lori Curry

IT Manager

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