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Interior Design

a peaceful space is an established design firm offering lifestyle and interior design services. Interior environments greatly affect human behavior, emotional and physical health, and our overall well-being. So here, you’ll find a little something on interior design, a little something on simple living, and a little something on mindfulness and inner peace.


. . . Because my approach is holistic in nature – looking at how the interior environment affects the way we think and feel. My goal is to help you experience inner peace and happiness by creating home interiors that help you relax and feel calmer.

I want to help you save time, money, and your sanity by offering:

    • Unique design options based on your feelings, needs and goals
    • Solutions that make the most of your available space and your budget


This unique style of interior design is growing in popularity as people discover how serene rooms can enhance our homes and our lives. My hours are flexible for your convenience, and you can count on me for quality work and a commitment to meeting your design needs.

Making small changes in your living space can lead to noticeable transformational results in your life. You may be happier, less stressed, more peaceful and care for yourself and those you love even more.

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