a peaceful space is a respite, a lifestyle, a practice and a way of being.

The Focus

We are a lifestyle and serenity design consultancy creating respites for calming, practicing focus and meditating. These peaceful spaces and practices remind us to still the mind and center ourselves from the “outside, in”. This space, which I call a nurturary™ closes the gap between needing to practice, “making the time” to practice and becoming the “practice”.

The Purpose

To calm you. To quiet you. To remind you to stop and breathe. To promote mindfulness. To reduce your stress and anxiety. To increase your awareness. To heighten your creativity and productivity. Because willpower alone is not enough . . you can create an environment, an enclosure to protect your intent and support your well-being.

The Proof

It is a fact that consciously designed interiors based on research in neuroscience, psychology and design affect mood and behavior. In fact, the exterior environment can often be more powerful than your internal resolve. An environment that facilitates your commitment to peace helps you to actually do it because of the sensual triggers that calm you.



Diane, thank you for being willing to provide your expertise and wisdom to help me create a more nurturing workspace. The ideas are so simple, yet have a very deep resonance. (The 3-D design) is amazing! It adds a whole other dimension to your work, Diane! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Breon Michael

MBSR, BreonMichel.com

Diane was thoughtful and thorough through each phase of the design, maintaining accurate expense account records and working within our budget.  She has a wonderful demeanor and her creativity is fresh. The room she designed for us was converted from drab and bland to warm, cozy and serene.

Lori Curry

IT Manager

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