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Simple Designs for Peace of Mind

We’re about creating interiors that are simple, stylish, affordable and uniquely you.

Rooms That Make You Go “Ahhh”

We like to create and design in ways that put your mind and body at ease. We create “spatial moments” that make you take a deep breath and “go ahhh”.

“Live Your Peace” Challenge

Start living the peace and contentment you deserve. Register today to receive your “design packet” for peaceful living.>>Click here for details!<<

Making Life Simple

Living a life of simplicity is one way to find peace and happiness. It may seem impossible because of the choices we’ve made but it does have tremendous transformative value. It often requires some modifications in behavior and a few lifestyle changes. The results can enhance your life in ways you never imagined. Click here for some simple steps to making life simple.

7 Reasons I Would Not Buy Your Home

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  About two months ago, I started searching on Trulia and Zillow for my next home. There are so many lovely homes on the market and there are homes that I would never consider looking at, let alone buy. I started thinking, why would people who are looking to sell their homes not present them in the best way possible? Do they have a lazy realtor working for them? Do they not care? Do they not know? Whatever their reasons, here are my reasons for not giving a home any consideration. 1. Blurred photos What? Why would anyone upload blurred...

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7 Ingredients to Simple Design

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After studying thousands of design photos, taking home decorating tours, and visiting design models, I’ve found that some of the best and most beautiful designs are simple and understated. In fact, because this approach to design can be easy on the budget, your time and your well-being, I recommend it for individuals working with at tight budget or a small space.

There are 7 key ingredients for great design on a tight budget:

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Yummy Designs

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Having a sense of home, its comfort and its visual appeal are all very important in nurturing our spirit. Enjoying home is much like describing a great meal. It should be delectable to the eye, even “highly pleasing”. For many of us, it must be comfortable and a true representation of our tastes. When it is less than that, we are less inclined to enjoy it.

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Tackling Your First Room Makeover

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Trying your first design project? Here are some great tips for decorating when you’re starting out.

What’s your style. Maybe you know. Maybe you don’t know. Or maybe you hadn’t thought about it. If you are in the last two groups, you might need to spend some time looking at photos or visiting a few furniture stores. I recommend the latter, because it gives you an opportunity to “get a feel” for what might work best for you in your space. Take your time with this because it is easy to become overwhelmed with your choices.

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